Teams for leveling.

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Teams for leveling.

Post  apimpnamedbrad on Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:20 pm

Hello fellow UNAR members. I have recently been receving questions about the team I've been using so you all could use them to level. Well I'm going to post up a few teams that are useful around each level.

Genin teams:
Temari, Zaku, Tenten.....AOE
Gaara, Sakura, Ino.....Stun
Neji, Hinata, Shino.....Chakra Drain
Gaara, Lee, Kakashi....1 Hit
Naruto(S), Kakashi, Sakura(S)....1 Hit
Shikamaru, Chouji, Haku....Pump up

Chunin Teams;
Temari, Tenten(S), Zaku...AOE

Missing Nin Teams:
Sasuke, Shigure, Chiyo...Person take out.

Anbu Teams:
Kyuubi Naruto, Yamato, Ino....PWN

Jounin Teams:
Diedara, Tenten, Zaku...AOE
Itachi Body Double, Kisame Body Double, Neji(S)...Fun

K, let me star by saying, I may update this later since I know I forgot quite a lot. I'm sure you've noticed the words by the teams. They pretty much explain the team focus. In my next post I will talk about each team and what I think about them X)


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Team Opinions

Post  apimpnamedbrad on Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:22 am

This is the post I'm putting up about the teams and what I think of them. Yes I have time to do stuff like this since I have no life XP. Here we go.

Temari, Tenten, Zaku: I personally like this team the best at genin level. I used this team to get myself up to Jounin rank X), though there has been a good amount of char. updates since then so I don't know if the strength of this team is the same as then. It's a very usefull AOE team.

Gaara, Sakura, Ino: I personally have used this team about once or twice way back when and I believe I won using it. This team is a very hard one to face, it is still used by Jounin's. In fact, today I fought this team a few times and I only beat it with my pwning squad (Mentioned in last post). It is a really great stunning team if used correctly.

Neji, Hinata, Shino: This of course is a chakra drain team. Chakra draining teams are fun since you get to watch your opponent skip their turn over and over again because you know they have no chakra XP.

Naruto(S), Kakashi, Sakura(S): The key to this team is Naruto and Kakashi. With Naruto's Kyuubi cloak giving you the ingrediants to Kakashi's Raikiri, it makes for a killer team. It never hurts to have a healer in there and Sakura(S) is the best by far X).

Gaara, Lee, Kakashi: Now I haven't played with this team, but I played against it and it did well one hitting my char.s until it was gone, it's a good one to try out, it looks fun also.

Shikamaru, Chouji, Haku: I used this team a VERY long time ago when I was trying to win four with Chouji. The goal is to stun with either Haku (While ice mirrors are on), or Shika's Shadow possesion. Then you pump up chouji with the pills. By then the battle will be over, especially if you pull off a second stun right after X).

Temari, Tenten(S), Zaku: Again, a good AOE..when I got Tenten(S), I replaced tenten with her.

Sasuke, Shigure, Chiyo: I made up this team while messing around with the Orochimaru mission. First you use Shigure's umbrella attack and then target someone with sharingun. You then chidori that person while using the needle attack costing one random. that person is pretty much dead. while sasuke targets another person, then you can mess around with chiyo, or you can switch Chiyo out with another if you find one better Smile.

Kyuubi Naruto, Yamato, Ino: This is a team I made to try to get Four Tailed Kyuubi Naruto while doing a ladder match. This team is now one of my top two teams in getting higher in ladder matches. I think this team is increadible.

Diedara, Zaku, Tenten.: Once you get Diedara, you could mess around with your AOE team a bit. The change is up to you, but you should have this guy in it.

Itachi Body Double, Kisame Body Double, Neji(S).: This team was a fun team to use. I made this one by just messing around with the body doubles. It's a pretty fun and effective team.

Well those are my views on the teams I listed, I'll add more teams as I remember them, but I hope in the meantime this was helpful.
It's always fun to make your own team. To do so, all you really need to do is make sure you don't need to much of a certain chakra, you need to have a strategy or goal for your team, and don't forget to put the cooldowns into account. I have made a lot of my teams I use now since I like making unique teams, like my Fav. team that I'm leaving anonymous for that special battle moment XP.
Contact me if you need to by pm's mostly since I will be in battle, that also meand that I may not notice it if you send one. I'm usually on now from 2pm-8or10pm. Message me if you need help or want to test teams out. I like PB's and who knows, If your team kicks that much ace, then I may whip out my secret weapon team XD. That's all for now I hope I helped you all out.


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